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To the Membership of Council 50,

Seems appropriate for 2020, I am late in writing this message. I will not start this off by saying pandemic, unprecedented times and everything that has been driven into our minds by the media but what I will say is belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. I hope that everyone is safe and healthy. In these times where despair is easy to fall into and the vaccines are at hand, I hope that we can all accentuate the positive. On an upbeat note, we still have an organization that has made a meaningful impact on the community and so many needy lives during the past 9 months. I believe we are still all healthy, social distanced (not by choice but by being responsible) and I think more resolute in our core values. We are still meeting monthly albeit remotely, but we are beginning to plan for a more robust spring and summer program. The vaccines are just starting to roll out and with that comes hope, hope which includes less contact tracing and more in person events. No doubt this has been an unbelievable challenging year, but Council 50 is surviving just like it has for over 130 years. Look for upcoming events on our website, which will include some celebrations that have been delayed but will recognize service to our council, community and recognizes charitable acts that go far above our normal expectations. So belatedly I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year and hoping 2021 will feature Clam Bakes, Knights under the Stars, Saratoga, Mohegan Sun, dinners, Merry Christmas pins being thrown around during an open bar Christmas party, chip wars and lots of (insert your favorite beverage) Johnnie Walker (Black or Blue).

Merry Christmas

Joe Tiroletto GK 2020-2021